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Australian research company Interpath achieves highest International recognition for new generation Sashas EQ.

The future has arrived! That was the overwhelming response at the conclusion of Dr Wendy Pearson's presentation at the recent British Equine Veterinarian Association Conference (BEVA) in Liverpool, England. Dr Pearson presented results from a major four year research project funded by Interpath. The project discovered a new botanical joint health “active” and developed an all new joint health product for horses called Sashas EQ.

The paper presented by Dr Pearson at BEVA which focused on the new equine joint health product was entitled ‘Induction of articular inflammation in horses using Intra-articular IL-1, and modulation of response to IL-1 by Sashas EQ a dietary nutraceutical.’

Interpath Pty Ltd is an Australian based research and development company with the depth and quality of its research programs receiving further international acknowledgement with an invitation for Dr Pearson to present a paper at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention (AAEP) held in San Diego, California in December 2008.

The focus of the BEVA and AAEP presentations is the results of the research undertaken on Sashas EQ which is a patented formulation of marine ingredients coupled with a newly discovered botanical active - CON4. Dr Pearson used advanced in-vitro laboratory techniques and in-vivo studies to prove the safety and efficacy of Sashas EQ. Her findings have clearly demonstrated the product's anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective properties. Controlled studies have shown significant inhibition of PGE2 and nitric oxide levels, increased viability of chondrocytes, suppression of the loss of GAGs from cartilage matrix and stimulation of chondrocyte proliferation.

“Dr Pearson's research has undergone rigorous independent peer-review” highlighted Dr Andrew Clarke, Interpath's head of Research, “Initially the findings formed the basis of Dr Pearson's successful PhD project with the papers presented at BEVA and AAEP going through a competitive review process before being accepted for presentation. Finally the results have been through additional independent scientific peer review with Dr Pearson having one paper already published in Molecular Nutrition Food Research and two papers accepted for publication in the American Journal of Veterinary Research.”

Interpath is an innovative company, and by specializing in research, development and marketing of nutraceutical products for the treatment of inflammatory joint disease has become internationally recognized as a leader in the field. Interpath Managing Director, Dan Bright, said on this achievement “This is a great day for the Australian veterinary industry with home grown science being recognized internationally and it is also a large step forward for nutraceutical efficacy as a serious joint disease treatment.”

Further Information can be obtained by contacting Damian Lubeek – Marketing Manager on (03) 5336 4308 or by email

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