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About Interpath

Interpath Pty Ltd is an innovative company specialising in research, development and marketing of nutraceutical products for the treatment of inflammatory joint disease. Interpath takes an evidence based medicine approach to its research and development. This involvesd the development of safe, clinically proven products which not onlty provide symtomatic relief but which also halt underlying disease processes.

This research has uitilised the latest molecular and cdellular biology techniques, with in-vitro and in-vivo studies providing an unequivocal understanding of the science behind their signature products. Interpath has invested heavily in research and development of their joint health nutraceutical products with outstanding results in the treatment of joint pain, inflammation and now chondrocyte proliferation.

Interpath’s target market is the global Joint Healthcare market, focusing on the newly discovered bioactive proprietary herbal extract (Epiitalis) into the veterinary and human nutraceutical sectors with potential to enter the pharmaceuitical market within the next 5 years. 

Interpath is globally positioned as the forerunner in the revolution of nutraceutical treatment of arthritis and prevention of joint disease in humans and animals.

Interpath is a globally successful Australian Company, with offices in Canada, USA, the Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand and agents in numerous countries including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, The U.K and Europe with a structure including further expansion with contracted research facilities in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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