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Joint Force™ / Joint XL






New - Joint XL™ with Rosemary available in Canada


Formulated from marine concentrates, Joint Force™ / Joint XL™ is a safe and highly potent strategy in maintaining joint health and aids in the relief of arthritic symptoms.

Interpath research has shown that the actives in Joint Force™ may aid in pain relief and promote healthy joint function.

Recent findings from this research conducted at the University of Guelph showed that the components

used in Joint Force™ / Joint XL:

  • Showed significant PGE2 inhibition
  • Protected against GAG release
  • Provided significant Nitric Oxide inhibition

Here's what the research means to people with arthritis:

  • Less pain associated with joint movement
  • Less destruction of cartilage due to free radicals
  • Less cartilage breakdown due to degradation of proteoglycan (building blocks of cartilage)

Who can benefit from Joint Force™ / Joint XL

  •  Active individuals to help protect joints
  • Arthritis suffers
  • People currently using NSAIDs and other joint treatments
  • People with stiff and sore joints
  • Joint surgery patients - pre and post operative


Not recommended for use in pregnant women.
Do not take if you have an allergy to shellfish.
Please consult your doctor prior to use when combining with other medications (non joint related)

Instructions for use

Take with food (preferably morning and/or mid day).
Start on 1 capsule only for the first week and increase gradually to the daily dose.

Pack size

Each tamper evident bottle contains 90 x 500mg Capsules* Net Weight 45gram.
*Capsules are made from vegetable matter and not animal derived.

Daily dosage

3 capsules reducing to 2 capsules once improvement is noticed. Dosage can be increased to 4 capsules in severe conditions or for the first months to facilitate results.


Perna canaliculus 285mg, Haliotis iris 95mg, Marine cartilage 95mg, natural flavouring
All of our ingredients are sourced from non-endangered species and meet strict international conservation requirements




There is no miracle cure, expect improvement gradually over the period of a few weeks.
For advice on your health always consult a health care professional.


Disclaimer: The claims made on this website regarding Interpath products may not necessarily comply with specific country regulatory requirements. Please refer to the registered label in your country.

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“Formulated from marine concentrates, Joint Force™ / Joint XL is a safe and highly potent strategy in maintaining joint health and aids in the relief of arthritic symptoms.”

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