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Joint Inflammation

In the US, a consumer survey (Peet 1999) was conducted to determine the key disease areas. Osteo Arthritis was highlighted as the second most concerning disease. . Pain relief products were the most used with digestive and intestinal supplements following.

Disease/therapeutic area Percentage “concerned” with condition

 Disease / Concern
Cardiovascular disease/obesity
 Osteoporosis/arthritis 65
 Cancer 60
 General health 60
 Metabolic conditions/diabetes 30
 Age-related conditions 30
 Immune system 25

Source: Table 3.14: Consumer health issues (US)

Joint inflammation can be a result of hereditary factors, disease such as Arthritis or general wear and tear from excessive physical exercise or injury. Such inflammatory conditions effect millions of people and animals worldwide.

Interpath has set out to study the inflammatory process within the Joint so that treatment solutions deal directly with resolving cause and not just the symptoms. This philosophy is the cornerstone of the research and product development Interpath has undertaken. The result is a range of anti inflammatory products, which care for the joint as well as reducing pain and inflammation.

Look out for the innovative new range coming soon.

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“Look out for the innovative new range coming soon.”

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