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4CYTE Canine launched in Australia

Revolutionary Advancement in joint health 

4CYTE™ Canine and Feline has been developed specically to work proactively helping to maintain the matrix of cartilage and overall joint health.
Scientic research has demonstrated that the prophylactic use of 4CYTE™ may assist in the joints ability to function under stress, and may help symptoms associated with ageing joints. 4CYTE™ actively helps stimulate the proliferation of chondrocytes (cells) which moves the ‘balance’ back in favour of the production of healthy cartilage.
4CYTETM - The product specific research sets it apart
4CYTE™ Canine and Feline has undergone both in-vitro and clinical studies to validate its safety and efcacy. A canine clinical study was completed at the University of Melbourne and presented at the American College of Internal Medicine in 2013. The study deomonstrated the unique properties and benets 4CYTE™ offers as a complete joint health product. In-vitro studies also demonstrated the positive synergistic effect of the ingredients in 4CYTE™ for targeting the chemicals that degrade and impair joint function.
Potent combination of Ingredients
4CYTETM is an oral supplement containing:
Key active ingredient: Epiitalis® a patented proprietary plant-oil extract containing unique Free Fatty Acids providing a novel mode of action:
• Epiitalis® patented for its ability to prolifeate chondrocyte cells which acitively ‘tips the balance’ back in favour of the production of healthy cartilage instead of
• Epiitalis® is also patented for its ability to supress the chemicals responsible for poor joint function.
• Has an enhanced synergystic effect with other active ingredients which include; a blend of potent marine concentrates: Green shell mussel, Abalone and          Marine cartilage, which provide a natural source of glycosaminoglycans, omegas and fatty acids.
4CYTE™ Canine & Feline is a premium supplement given daily to:
• Address symptoms such as stiffness, lack of willingness to jump, run or play.
• Support for joint conditions in conjunction with prescription pain treatments.
• Support for healing after a joint injury or operation.
• Maintain healthy joints at any stage of life.
• vet only 
• safe to take long term
• comes in a palatable granules
• not to be taken during pregnancy
• not to be given to animals with an allergy to
• can be taken with other medications
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