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Interpath join forces with PetPlan


For over 30 years Petplan has been the worlds leading pet insurance provider recommended by more pet owners, veterinarians and pedigree pet breeders than any other. Today over 1 million pet owners across the globe already trust Petplan to protect their pets.

Did you know that every 6 seconds, a pet owner is faced with a vet bill for over $1,000 - can pet owners not afford not to have pet insurance?

Interpath are delighted to have formed an alliance with Petplan pet insurers. As long as it is prescribed by the vet, Petplan will cover the use of Sashas Blend™ under their Australian vet insurance policy.

Like Interpath, Petplan is committed to the Veterinary Industry and working with the industry to ensure a greater quality of life for our pets. A focus on educating pet owners on the benefits of having their pets insured will ultimately lead to pets receiving greater veterinary care and treatment.

For further Information on Petplan click on the logo or Free call 1300 738 225 - Australia Only.

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