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The Interpath Story

Anything For Manís Best Friend

People today spend thousands of dollars on the health and well being of their pets.

When Dan and Corinaís own dog Sasha began to show signs of lameness after exercise when she was only 11 years old, they sought treatment for her. Having already had experience in the health industry, they had sufficient knowledge to question why veterinarians did not have a scientifically proven natural joint health treatment that could be taken long term without side effects. This chain of events was the catalyst for developing Sashas Blendô, named of course after their dog Sasha, the first dog to trial the product.

As well as using their own expertise, they contracted scientific facilities to research joint function and looked for natural actives and combinations which would provide outstanding results in terms of promoting joint function and mobility in dogs and cats.

After significant research and subsequent field trials, Sashas Blendô became the first Australian developed natural arthritis treatment to achieve Veterinary registration with the APVMA in 2001.

Sashas Blendô soon became, and still is, the number one selling treatment in Australasia.
Large breeds of dogs (such as Sasha) have a life expectancy of 9 - 12 years.  Sasha reached the amazing age of 18 years.

Following the outstanding success of their veterinary range, Interpath expanded their focus to include a range of products for human health.

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“In an effort to help their family dog who had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, they embarked on a journey that would change the world.....”

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