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Interpaths mission is to educate people that prevention is the greatest cure and treating  joint disease and injuries at the source of the problem, not just masking the pain, will give a much better quality of life in later years.

Interpath had developed a highly effective human joint treatment using a unique blend of active marine concentrates, all of which have high natural anti inflammatory and lubricating properties.


Nature’s aid in the relief of joint pain, stiffness and arthritis

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Human Products Include:



Joint Force
Joint Force™ contains natural ingredients which provide you with the nutrients required to keep joints healthy.  The Joint Force™ formulation has been carefully blended to produce a high quality, highly effect anti-inflammatory which is designed not only to reduce pain and inflammation, but protect cartilage from breakdown associated with arthritis and other inflammatory cartilage conditions

Joint XL (North America Only)
Joint Force is sold as Joint XL in North America.  It is the same highly effective formulation, just a different name.


Disclaimer: The claims made on this website regarding Interpath products may not necessarily comply with specific country regulatory requirements. Please refer to the registered label in your country.

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“Interpaths mission is to educate people that prevention is the greatest cure...”

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